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Day to Day Challenges of Living in LA Get Animated

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We can all agree that there is something about living in LA that lends itself to internet-based snark, but the bloggers at #WhenInLA do particularly funny justice to that fact with a stream of witty animated GIFs delving into the day to day frustrations of living in LA. The site has a definite Westside bias, repeatedly mentioning Finn McCool's and blasting surrounding environs from Studio City to Orange County to the Inland Empire at every opportunity, but it also is self-deprecating enough to cop to the small dilemmas that can reduce an Angeleno to a sniveling mess--such as rain and giving friends a ride to LAX. Huffington Post, which tipped us off to the site, contacted the editors of the site and received only this polite request in return: "Keep on reading it, wherever you are, or whatever you do. And please keep sending us gifs."

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