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Orange Line Extension Testing, LAPD HQ Park Getting Fixed Up

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CHATSWORTH: Metro has new pics of the Orange Line busway extension from Canoga Park to the Chatsworth Metrolink station, opening next month and currently in pre-revenue service (when the buses run as they will normally, but without any riders). The four mile project cost $180 million ($35M under budget) and includes a bikeway, landscaping, and four new stations. It will hopefully boost ridership on Metrolink and the Red Line, which it connects to in NoHo (plans are underway for an underground walkway between the busway and the subway). The shot above is the new bridge over Lassen St. and the railroad tracks. There's one more below. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Councilmember and mayoral candidate Jan Perry has some good news for DTLA denizens who like walking their dogs in the green space next to the LAPD headquarters (problems with park upkeep are legend). Perry is throwing a press conference tomorrow morning at City Hall to thank neighborhood residents for taking it upon themselves to clean and maintain the park. Even better, Perry "has identified a funding source for the Department of Recreation and Parks to maintain the park and will also announce that problems with the current landscaping will be fixed and restored at no cost to the taxpayers." Apparently, the park's contractor used the wrong mix of soil and will remedy the problem for free. Mutts rejoice. [Curbed Inbox]