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Disney Releases Plans for Big Golden Oak Studio Expansion

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Disney and ABC Studios released a draft environmental impact report for their 58 acre studio development within the 890 acre Golden Oak Ranch site in the Santa Clarity Valley, according to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. The Golden Oak Ranch, filming location of such immortal cinema classics as Back to the Future, Pirates of the Carribean, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, is located in unincorporated LA County east of Interstate 14 in Placerita Canyon. From the 5,500 page DEIR, the development would add "44 acres of new onsite development associated with a vesting tentative tract map ("44-acre Area") and approximately 14 acres within the LADWP transmission corridor for two adjacent parking lots." Wait, there's more: "The 44-acre Area would be developed with a maximum of 555,950 square feet, including 12 soundstages, six production offices, six mills, six writer/producer bungalows, one warehouse, one commissary, and one administration building with a maximum building height of 60 feet."

The DEIR also calls for a 220 foot bridge spanning Placerita Creek, a 2 million gallon water tank, and a trail connecting to existing trails within the Angeles National Forest. But we have a feeling that some people will be unhappy with this little detail: the project would remove 158 of the some 3,000 oak trees on the property, including 16 heritage oaks, and encroach on 82 other oaks. According to the Signal, "The county requires at least 442 oak trees be planted as replacements, but Disney and ABC Studios are planning to plant 1,600 trees on the property."

The current project is slightly modified from plans announced in a 2009 Notice of Preparation filed with the LA County Department of Regional Planning. That earlier concept called for 12 soundstages built on 56 acres and two parking lots on 11.72 acres.
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