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Tricked Out Harry Gesner Boat House in the Cahuenga Pass

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Well, if it isn't a Cahuenga Pass boathouse. There are several of these little guys dotting the hills, all designed by Harry Gesner, the most interesting architect in the world. This one has been tricked out by the owner, an "original member of the 'W' hotel development team," according to the listing. Has he installed a below-floor Koi pond or just a graphic inset? Hard to tell! But the listing does say there's a hillside waterfall, plus zebra wood cabinets, stained glass, quartz countertops, and a home automation system with ten integrated HDTVs, which maybe sounds a little like overkill in a 1,136 square foot house? Asking price is $599,000.
· 6890 PACIFIC VIEW Dr [Redfin]
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