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Griffith Park Bear Sells Out, Wears Locally Sponsored Get-Up

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Outfitting the Griffith Park Bear statue was all the rage last spring and it was finally revealed that the best work was being done by a masked and mysterious yarn bomber named Captain Hook. She seems to have taken a hiatus, but now that the bear's gotten some press for his wardrobe, the sponsors have come calling. We've received a missive from the people at Princes & Crows wallpaper, who tell us that an "anonymous and masked culprit wishes to celebrate Los Angeles using wallpaper inspired by the city itself. Princes & Crows is designed in LA by French export, Alix Soubiran and printed in the city as well. Outfitted in a band hat and drum made from Princes & Crows' Santy Ano, the look is completed with gold accents." So there you have it: a new outfit for the bear and a little viral-ish marketing for a local furnishings company. Everyone wins!
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