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The Bikeification of LA's Civic Center Hits This June

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Good news for people who ride bikes anywhere other than Spring Street in Downtown. Yesterday, a consortium of City Hall and Downtown groups held a Bike Network Open House, in the process announcing a bunch of forthcoming bike lane projects for Downtown. The BIKAS blog reports that the roll out of new lanes will begin in June, with 2.6 miles of bike lanes in the heart of Downtown. June's projects will include one and a half miles northbound on Main Street from Ninth Street to Cesar Chavez Avenue, 0.6 miles on First Street from Grand Avenue to San Pedro Street, and another half-mile on Los Angeles Street from First Street to Alameda Street.

BIKAS explains: "When the three bike lane projects, listed above, have been completed, bike lanes will occupy three sides of Los Angeles' City Hall and Police Headquarters. The lanes will connect with the city's historic plaza at El Pueblo, foremost transportation hub Union Station, the California State Transportation Department (Caltrans) regional headquarters, and L.A.'s highest profile performing arts venues: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Ahmanson Theater, Dorothy Chandler Pavillion [sic] and Mark Taper Forum." Not too shabby. Further down the project timeline (seven to twelve months), the city will finally build some east-west lanes on Cesar Chavez, Second Street, Seventh Street, and Venice Blvd.
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