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Is Kanye West's Aquarium-Showered Mansion Up For Grabs?

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All the real estate gossip this morning is laser focused on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who TMZ reports have both pocket listed (i.e., not MLS-listed) their houses--many people are assuming this means they're moving in together, but neither of these listings is particularly shocking. Kardashian actually moved out of her hideous faux-Tuscan place in Beverly Hills (which she bought in 2010 for $3.4 million) months ago and, according to the Real Estalker, has been renting another house in Beverly Hills and has toured at least one place in the Mulholland Estates (pretty much every gossip item mentions that she wants some serious gate action wherever she goes). TMZ says she's asking $4.8 million. Meanwhile, the only LA house West owns, to our knowledge, is his crazy computer-controlled, aquarium-in-the-shower mansion near Laurel Canyon--and he listed that place for sale two years ago, with no success (asking price was $3.995 million). So the coincidental listings are probably just a case of the late spring selling season, but still, word of advice, you crazy kids: take your time--it's a long life, and one of you is a reality star with multiple short-lived marriages behind her.
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