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Reagan Library Buys 140 Open Acres to Keep Its Views Pretty

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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation made a splash earlier this week when it announced that it had bought a 140-acre greenbelt in the Tierra Rejada Valley on the outskirts of Simi Valley, adjacent to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. A spokesperson for the foundation, told the Ventura County Star that the organization purchased the land "to preserve the tranquillity [sic] of the Reagan Library's stunning views from its Air Force One Pavilion." The library, which is located in Simi Valley, bought the land from Cornerstone Community Church. Cornerstone had planned to build new facilities on the property. The property was listed at $7.2 million, but the final purchase price will not be known until the escrow closes; that's expected to happen in July. To pay for the purchase, the foundation has launched a "Save Our View" fundraising campaign--which already received a $1.75 million donation from Diane Hendricks, owner of River's Edge Foundry LLC.
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