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Colbert On The Abbey's Bachelorette Ban, No More Blaring Warning to Stay Away From the Hollywood Sign

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Last week, The Abbey announced that it would no longer play host to bachelorette parties, at least so long as gay marriage is illegal (they probably also just found bachelorettes annoying). Stephen Colbert finds the whole thing very offensive, because "unlike being gay, bachelorette partying is not a choice." [Colbert Nation]

HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Uh oh, is there no one yelling at Hollywood Sign trespassers via loudspeaker anymore? According to last week's newsletter from the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association, "In the past when hikers illegally approached the Hollywood Sign, they were warned away by a loud speaker. This used to be manned by the Park Rangers. They are no longer in charge of this equipment, and we, residents, have not heard the loud speaker in awhile. This activity by tourists should be strongly discouraged. Rangers are willing to ticket, but they need our help." They're asking neighbors to watch for illegal parking on Mulholland Highway and suspicious hiking in the area. [Curbed Inbox]