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Silver Lake's Bar With a Wall to Open, Spago Closing Temporarily, DTLA's Drago Grows, Highland Park's Hermosillo

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SILVER LAKE: The new bar attached to Cafe Stella could open next month, Eater reports. As many recall, this is the place that apparently had to have a new wall on this very popular Sunset Junction sidewalk. Eater commenters don't seem to have warmed to the wall very much.

BEVERLY HILLS: Spago closes July 9 for a long renovation, owner Wolfgang Puck announced recently. The stalwart will reopen in the fall with a new look and new menu.

DOWNTOWN: Drago Centro has a new Gensler-designed patio that seats 60 to 100 patrons. The space was partially opened previously, but just completed this month.

HIGHLAND PARK: The once-seedy Hermosillo Bar on York has been cleaned up and reopened as, simply, Hermosillo. The Latin-influenced watering hole isn't currently serving food, but Eater believes appetizers are sure to come.
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