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NJ Devil's Lame Hollywood Sign Stunt, Design Awards Noms Due

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NEW JERSEY: LA temporarily cares about hockey while the Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals, so let's get some shit talk going, shall we? We can start here, with this completely lame New Jersey Devils promo in which their devil mascot steals the "D" out of the Hollywood Sign. Or, more accurately, kicks down a piece of plywood in someone's backyard in Cherry Hill. Seriously, guys, this is the worst Hollywood Sign-related shenanigan we've ever seen and we've seen that video Ke$ha made. [CBS Sports]

LOS ANGELES: Nominations for the AIA/LA's Design Awards close today, so get on over there and submit "the best of built work located in Los Angeles or by LA-based architects and located elsewhere." Noms are also open for the NEXT LA Awards for unbuilt work and the Cultural Affairs Commission Awards for projects designed for the city. [Curbed Inbox]