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BH Councilman: PTA's Subway Disaster Video Kind of a Disaster

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The Beverly Hills PTA recently commissioned a video to tout their opposition to a subway tunnel under Beverly Hills High School (which is necessary for a Purple Line station in the heart of Century City--BH wants a station on Santa Monica Blvd., though studies show that's dangerous because of an earthquake fault, which many BH officials dispute). The video shows the high school exploding and insinuates trains would barrel through the school itself, even though at least two studies have shown that a tunnel can safely be built under BHHS and would not keep the school from building underground parking. The PTA video is mostly outrageous and even City Councilmember Barry Brucker admits such in the Beverly Hills Weekly: "I think that if the PTA leadership had seen the video prior to them authorizing the funding of it, they may have thought twice about doing it," Brucker said. "I understand they're trying to appeal to the community and bring awareness of the methane gas issues, but I personally think the video does not advance our city's position in the best light." PTA Council Co-President Susie Roberts defends her work: "Sometimes you have to grab somebody's attention in a way that really makes them stop."

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