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Cute 1920s Cottage in Mid-City Asking $499,000

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Awwwwww! We couldn't help but think of that old novelty tune "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" when we came across this listing (and if you have an extra minute to kill, we highly recommend checking out this awkward vintage video). Located a little north of Venice Blvd. in Mid-City, the 1927 two-bedroom cottage has many lovely period details, including coved ceilings, hardwood floors, original cabinetry, and built-in storage, while its recent renovations include copper plumbing, an updated electrical panel, five year old roof, and converted-garage guesthouse. In the negative column: its not-so-lovely window bars. (Here's an idea: if they can make "invisible" braces, why not do the same for window bars?) Sited on a 4,800 square foot lot, it's listed at $499,000.
· 1545 S BURNSIDE Ave [Redfin]