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Sherman Oaks Ralphs Redo, Bev Hills Subway Meeting Set

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SHERMAN OAKS: It's been a two and a half year long battle, but Sherman Oaks will get its urbanized Ralphs supermarket at Ventura and Hazeltine. Some neighbors cried foul over the glassy grocery reno, which has the store reaching 48 feet. A Ralphs email indicates the old store closes on May 12, with the new market opening in fall of 2013. [Curbed Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: The public hearing on the Purple Line that Beverly Hills has requested with Metro has been scheduled--it will take place May 17 at 1:30 pm at Metro HQ. BH wants a one-on-one with Metro's board to discuss the proposed Century City station, which would require a tunnel under Bev Hills High School (they're not too happy about that for mostly unclear reasons). The Beverly Hills Patch reports that the city council has already lawyered up with new counsel for the showdown; the BHUSD, meanwhile, already spent $2 million on lawyers and publicists fighting the tunnel. It's not clear how much the council has to throw at the issue. Many believe this meeting is simply ceremonial--Metro will likely certify the entire nine mile subway route anyway and Bev Hills will probably follow that up by suing. [Curbed Staff]

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