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Mapping the Real LA Buildings That Will Show Up in Grand Theft Auto V's Fake LA

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Grand Theft Auto V, which is set in the fictionalized Los Angeles of Los Santos, is rumored to be coming out sometime in the next ten months (and another trailer is perhaps expected soon), but meanwhile the awesome obsessives at the GTAForums have broken down the first trailer shot by shot to figure out which actual LA buildings and landmarks will show up in the game. Locations range from Venice to WeHo to Downtown, although as the GTAForumers point out, the game is still set in a fictionalized city, so the geography itself probably won't be recognizable. The story should be set roughly in the present (will it feature the Expo Line, dare to dream?), and seems to get the real estate angle just right: cranes rise in DTLA while a man pounds in a "foreclosure" sign in front of a bungalow. Check out the map of all the buildings spotted so far down below; and if you love a good mapping challenge, do check out the forums for mountains of fun speculation on what Los Santos will end up looking like.

View GTA V Real Life Locations. in a larger map
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