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1910 South Pas Craftsman By G. Lawrence Stimson

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What ho, here's yet another architecturally significant residence from Pasadena's seemingly endless supply of pedigreed properties. Okay, technically, this one's in South Pas, but just barely. Located on a .45 acre lot a couple blocks west of Fair Oaks Avenue, it was built in 1910 by Wrigley Mansion architect G. Lawrence Stimson, with its carriage house designed and built by Castle Green architect Frederick L. Roehrig. Per the listing, the 3,523 square foot Craftsman features five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a cast aluminum ceiling, a living room fireplace with period tile by Grueby, hardwood floors, and built-ins aplenty. On and off the market several times since 2009, it's now asking $1.85 million.
· 224 OAKLAWN Ave [Redfin]
· 224 Oaklawn Avenue, South Pasadena [deasy/penner]