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Young and Upwardly Mobile Want a More Urban Downtown Pas

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Miss Robinson, you're trying to seduce me, aren't you? Downtown Pasadena has a growing population of young professionals who have begun to lobby for more urban amenities in the neighborhood, reports the Pasadena Sun. Much of Downtown Pasadena's new population is "young and childless," and, "The average income of downtown residents is about $64,000, and 27% of them are 25 to 34 years old"--a demographic shift the Sun attributes to the city's 1994 General Plan and the opening of the Gold Line in 2003. The article also devotes significant space to the political agenda of the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association, which in addition to trying (but failing) to create a single council district for the downtown area is asking the city to begin "Using the city's transportation improvement fee to make pedestrian- and bike-friendly upgrades to downtown streets and using residential impact fees paid by developers to create parks in the central district." Lately we heard that young, wealthy urbanites are flocking to downtown Long Beach too. Viva la urban center!
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