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Bandleader Lists Seventieslicious Pad in the Doheny Estates

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Here's the house "The Bunny Hop" built--the very swinging Hills pad belongs to bandleader Ray Anthony, who's known for popularizing Hugh Hefner's favorite song (its B-side: "Hokey Pokey"), writing the very iconic theme for Dragnet, and being briefly married in the late fifties to Mamie Van Doren. According to the listing, he's been in this house since it was built in 1975; it's at the end of a cul-de-sac and comes with two bedrooms, three bathrooms (two of which are pretty mindblowingly wallpapered), and...a lighted mirror over the bed. Asking price is $5.2 million.
· 9288 KINGLET Dr [Redfin]