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Get Your Busway On: Orange Line Extension Opens June 30

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THE VALLEY: Under budget and on time: music to our ears. The popular 14 mile Orange Line busway--which transports more than 25,000 people across the Valley every day in an exclusive transitway--opens its new leg on June 30, Metro announced today. The transit agency had long estimated the four-mile extension would open in summer 2012 and they managed to hit their mark (accurately predicting the opening of rail lines seems a bit harder). The Orange Line extension was initially budgeted at $216 million, but ending up costing $180M. It will connect the line to the Chatsworth Metrolink station, allowing trips all the way from the NoHo Red Line station to Chatsworth, and includes four new stations and a landscaped bike and pedestrian path. The June 30 opening includes free rides on the extension (just the extension, it sounds like), and community events at the Chatsworth and Canoga stations.