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Valley Median Being Turned Into Little Flood Controlling Park

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Sometimes a median is more than just a median--case in point, yesterday city officials broke ground on a new median along Woodman Avenue in Panorama City that will have the potential to capture and filter nearly one and a half million gallons of water in a single storm. The Woodman Avenue Median project will replace a 3,500 foot expanse of asphalt median between Lanark Street and Saticoy Avenue with green space designed to collect stormwater runoff and "beautify" the street. The new median will include 99 new shade trees, 27,000 square feet of native and drought tolerant plants, a walking path, and access ramps.

The project will collect stormwater runoff from a 130 acre area, helping manage the floods that are a persistent menace in the this particular corner of the Valley. The project is funded by $1.6 million from a State Proposition 50 Calfed Watershed Protection grant, $1 million from the LADWP, and $750,000 from the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation. The River Project has details on the groundbreaking ceremony, in case you want to see how happy watershed management folks get when a project like this gets built.
· City will transform Panorama City asphalt median into natural landscape [Daily News]
· Groundbreaking May 23, 2012 [The River Project]