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Details on the $55k Car Lift in Mitt Romney's New La Jolla House

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Is it possible that Mitt Romney's PR team granted access to 10News San Diego for a story on his new 11,000 square foot, oceanfront La Jolla mansion and its underground garage, complete with car elevator that costs about $55,000? It would appear so, as a 10News reporter stands in the driveway and speaks with the people who plan on installing Romney's Phantom Park device, which will allow vehicles to be transported via lift from a groundlevel garage to a 3,600 square foot, subterranean parking bay. Phantom Park has already installed underground garages for people like Britney Spears and will work on Romney's toy after the presidential campaign. The car elevator is part of the former Massachusetts governor's plan to bulldoze his current 3,000 square foot house and upsize to an 11,602 square foot pied-à-terre. See the full video here.
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