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Brace, Bev Hills--Metro Approves Purple Subway to Westwood

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As expected, Metro's board today certified the full nine-mile extension of the Purple Line subway, from Western Avenue to the VA Hospital, the Beverly Hills Patch reports. Now the only thing standing between a groundbreaking for the decades-in-the-making project is final engineering and lawsuits from Beverly Hills. The transit advocate group known as WeDoOurPartLA tweeted that BHUSD board member Lisa Korbatov, usually found getting angry at Metro meetings, told the board that they will sue over the route, which will travel under BH High School on its way to a central Century City station. Since no scientific experts have found that tunneling under BHHS is unsafe, we think she'll need all the luck she can buy find. As far as construction, plans are for it to begin next year, but it's not clear if the lawsuits will hold that up. The initial segment of the extension, from Western to La Cienega, isn't near the disputed Century City stop, but Beverly Hills could make things difficult around La Cienega (near Bev Hills's border), where major construction will take place.
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