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Glassell Park Cottage Takes the Fun out of "Funicular"

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This listing copy for this 1924 cottage in Glassell Park boasts of its "wide shady porch, terraced yard, hardwood floors, meandering walkways...views, garden patches, decks, [and] patios..." Which all sounds nice enough, if not particularly unusual. But then, it blithely continues on "...and the shards of a funicular designed and built by the original owner-builder." Whoa, whoa, whoa--shards?! What the heck happened, we wonder--some kind of Sinai and Olivet-style disaster? Suppose we'll just have to keep on wondering, as the listing offers only that tantalizing mention. (We also suppose the home's future inhabitants will be climbing a lot of stairs.) Other features of the two bedroom, one bath residence include Arroyo stone walls and fireplace, an eat-in kitchen, and detached, one-car garage. Last sold in 2004 for $463,500, it's now asking $359,000.
· 2670 CUNARD St [Redfin]