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Watch Moby Talk About His Frank Lloyd Wright Alien Theory

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Our favorite architecture blog hobbyist/DJ Moby talked to two outlets recently about his pursuit of the hidden and the strange in LA architecture (which he documents on his blog Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog). He tells the kids at tumblr that a homeowner in Hancock Park called him out as paparazzi and tells 1883 Magazine about Hollywood's mysterious Villa Carlotta, dropping this gem: "LA people love buildings and they always have stories about them, and no one's ever too concerned about whether the stories are actually historically accurate. As long as they're interesting." (Don't have to tell that to anyone who's ever encountered a Charlie Chaplin listing.) He talks to both outlets about the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Ennis House, which he says looks like it was built by "Incan space aliens 4,000 years ago."

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Ennis House

2607 Glendower Ave., Los Angeles, CA