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LA's Helicopter Noise Bill Stalls Out; Lawmakers Go to Plan B

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Big Helicopter has effectively fought off Congressional attempts to regulate chopper noise over Los Angeles, so it's onto a lamer, but perhaps easier fix, reports the LA Times. Valley Congressman Howard Berman's Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act, which would require the FAA to put some checks on paparazzi, tourist, and other non-necessary helicopters, has "languished in Congress in the face of industry opposition." So Senator Dianne Feinstein has now added language to a Department of Transportation appropriations bill that "directs the FAA to solicit the views of neighborhood groups, helicopter operators and others on helicopter noise and safety issues in Los Angeles County within 90 days of the bill’s enactment." It also asks that the FAA "evaluate helicopter routes, operating altitudes, and hovering practices and report back to Congress on possible solutions to noise complaints within a year." Feinstein says that's about "the best that can be done" about the noise problems right now. Berman (along with a bunch of fellow Dems) has also sent a letter to Transpo Secretary Ray LaHood asking him to hurry the matter along.
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