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Preview the K-Town Reality Show, Premiering This Summer

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Oh, this will be glorious: the Koreatown reality show K-Town is officially a go and will launch on July 2 online. We first reported on the kids-leading-crazy-lives-in-Ktown concept way back in April 2010 (as Jersey Shore fever ravaged America) and met the cast in July that year, around the time the pilot was shot. Finally now The Hollywood Reporter reports that the studio Electus has greenlit the show for 10 episodes to run on its new LOUD YouTube channel; executive producers will also include former model Tyrese Gibson (and his partners Mike Le, Eugene Choi, and Eddie Kim) and Liz Gately and Tony DiSanto of Jersey Shore and The Hills. Meaning this will be some damn good trainwreck TV. Here're some of the people we'll see falling down drunk at Bobo's in just a few months: "a trouble-making former exotic dancer, a gossip blogger who moonlights as a bartender and a club promoter." Episodes will only be 10 minutes each, but the show could eventually "cross over into television."

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