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A New Beach For Downtown, LACMA's Rock Debuting June 24

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DOWNTOWN: One day the weedy, puddle-y lot at First and Broadway will have a shiny new federal courthouse on it, but right now the government hasn't even picked an architect yet and the lot is as weedy and puddle-y as ever. It's also apparently a nice place to catch some rays on a sunny day, as a tipster shows us. She writes: "Real (crazy) people or art installation?" Who cares? New open space, Downtowners! Grab some sunscreen and a frisbee and get over there! [Curbed Inbox]

MIRACLE MILE: LACMA's 340 ton rock is getting all settled into its new trench and today it was announced that the pair will officially go public on June 24 when Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass" installation opens. And if you live in one of the 61 zip codes the rock traveled through to get from Riverside to the Miracle Mile, you don't just get to brag that you live in one of the 61 zip codes that watched the rock go by, you'll also get free LACMA admission all that week (here's the list). [Zev Yaroslavksy]

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