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Westsiders Say Expo Line Bikeway Violates Environmental Laws

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Do we really need to point out the irony of someone suing to stop a bike path because they claim it violates environmental laws? Cheviot Hills attorney/homeowner S. Zachary Samuels is working really hard to kill the bikeway planned to run adjacent to the Expo Line light rail's second phase from Culver City to Santa Monica. He sued two years ago because the bikeway was granted a categorical exclusion from certain environmental requirements, like producing an environmental impact report (cause, you know, it's a bike path). Caltrans then pulled the CE, while LADOT produced more environmental documents to bolster the bikeway's benefits. It sounds like the CE was granted again, but Samuels and 12 of his neighbors are now suing to block the bikeway because they believe it violates environmental laws, Courthouse News reports. "Plaintiffs allege that the bikeway as planned has, in fact, several adverse and potentially adverse impacts that must be studied before any environmental clearance and certification can lawfully be made." The Westsiders say the area where the bike path will travel is currently a "green space" (that's stretching it) that buffers their homes from the 10 Freeway. OK, maybe, but they also claim that "possible traffic congestion and other environmental impacts were disregarded when the project received funding." Traffic, really?
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