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ScarJo and RyReyn Make $600k on Modern Wong House Flip

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No-longer-married actors Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds managed to sell their pedigreed mid-century property in Los Feliz pretty quickly, and to turn a nice little profit. The pair picked up the Buff & Hensman-designed Wong House back in August 2010, paying $2.9 million, but announced their separation just a few months later. After a not-too-disruptive renovation, they listed the house in January this year for $3.65 million. According to Redfin, escrow closed last Friday with a sale price of $3.5 million. Meanwhile, Reynolds has gone Colonial in Bedford, NY with his latest young, blonde, improbably-bodied significant other, Blake Lively.
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Wong House

2651 Nottingham Pl., Los Angeles, CA