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Here's How Downtown's New Variable Parking Pricing Works

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DOWNTOWN: Dynamic parking pricing has hit LA, with the official launch of the ExpressPark program today in four and half square miles of Downtown. Under the year-long pilot, pricing at meters and in city-owned lots will fluctuate in response to demand, and will range from 50 cents up to six dollars an hour (meters are currently $1 to $4 per hour). There are 6,000 meters and 7,500 lot spaces covered by the project. According to a press release quoted in the LA Times, "Parking rates in the project zone will be adjusted by LADOT according to demand in 4 to 6 week increments as necessary; when demand is high parking rates will increase and when it is low rates will drop." The best part is that you'll be able to tap into the system and find spaces or pay with your smartphone. Down below, check out a video explaining how it all works. [LAT/ExpressPark]