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Watch Mick Jagger Do a Vain Angeleno Act on SNL

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Yay, Saturday Night Live turned in another installment over the weekend of The Californians, the fake melodrama that packs in every single Los Angeles stereotype--there are idiotic accents, obscure organic food preoccupations, and obsessions with both the 405 and mirrors. Host Mick Jagger, who is a surprisingly dedicated comedic actor, did a pretty admirable job of contorting his Kentian accent into an LA drawl in his role as the Santa Monica ferris wheel operator. Plus, there's just something damn special in watching Mick effing Jagger dressed in pastels, attempting weird SoCal vowel sounds, and talking about taking Hillhurst to Griffith Park Boulevard. Watch closely also for the briefest cameo by Steve Martin, a man who knows an LA stereotype.

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