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New Wilshire Grand Will Only Be LA's Second Tallest Tower

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You're safe for now, US Bank Tower--the rebuilt Wilshire Grand will still be three stories short of LA's tallest tower, despite entitlements that could allow it to rise far higher. Back in March, developer Korean Air announced that it would be reworking its plans, which most recently called for a 45-story hotel tower and a 60-story office tower, and building just one tower with more hotel rooms (about 900) and much less office space. Now they reveal to the LA Times that the new tower will only be 70 stories, which will still make it the second tallest building in SoCal, and the hotel's lobby will be right at the top (along with restaurants, bars, and pools, all presumably with some of the best new views in LA). The first seven floors will have shops, restaurants, and ballrooms; the next 20 stories will have about 400,000 square feet of office space; the hotel rooms will be up above. As for the new design, "Korean Air and Los Angeles architect A.C. Martin Partners Inc. have yet to settle on a shape for the building," but it will still be "swathed in photovoltaic lights," aka giant flashing "architectural lighting" (some of it commercial)--the lights "will be intense on the lower floors, lighter in the middle and intense again on top." Demo of the old Wilshire Grand is set to start this summer and the new building is scheduled to open in January 2017.
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