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Poll Shows That Women and Old People Prefer LA to NYC

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Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes have released the results of their latest poll of the US citizenry and the results are...weird (no one says they want to follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, but don't millions of people follow him?; and what's up with most Americans preferring their hamburgers well done?). One of the questions asked "If you had to live the rest of your life in either Los Angeles or New York City, which one would you choose?" LA actually came pretty close to New York overall--the split was 40% to 46%--and, interestingly, won out among women (45% to 39%) and people over 45 (48% to 33%). Meanwhile, on the same rivalry tip, CNN runs a pro-Los Angeles piece in its new "city smackdowns" series and is polling readers on the NYC vs. LA question. Right now, New York is pulling it out 53%-47%.
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