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See the Fountain at DTLA's New Civic Park Turn On the Lights

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Things have been quite quiet on the Downtown Civic Park front, but we have a wonderful update, via County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky's website. The site uploaded a video of testing at the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, which received a $5.2 million makeover--part of the $56 million revamp of the park--that included the removal of two concrete parking ramps that obscured the piece. The LA Conservancy oversaw work on the fountain (seen in films including 500 Days of Summer) which will now glow with bright colors at night. The fountain includes a quarter inch deep "membrane pool" with 79 interactive jets and a "dark granite bottom that produces crisp reflections of the fountain and surrounding buildings, including the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion." "Designers of the 6,200-square-foot pool would like to see visitors of all ages wade in." The new park's centerpiece opens at the same time as the entire four block, 12 acre project: in late summer/early fall. To discourage homeless encampments at both the Civic Park and the new City Hall green space, City Councilman Richard Alarcón recently introduced a motion to limit the hours of the parks, having them close at 7 pm instead of 10:30, the Daily News reports.

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