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Twittering About Archicriticism, Talking LA Neighborhoods

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THE INTERNET: The American Institute of Architects held a chat on Twitter today about architecture and the media--IT featured a panel of architecture critics, including the San Francisco Chronicle's John King. The discussion, which you can find at #aiachat and #aiachatt, covered a lot of ground--from how story development differs among media outlets to the effect of blogs on architecture criticism, and to the difference between urbanism and architecture. And for anyone unconverted to Twitter as a tool for the exchange of ideas, @HawkinsArch broke down the analytics and found that the discussion reached over 120,000 people and made one million impressions. [Twitter]

LOS ANGELES: Registration is now open for the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative's Tenth Annual Community Forum. The free event includes panels populated by many of the past year's neighborhood newsmakers, including Omar Brownson of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, the organization that is spearheading the construction of an "iconic" pedestrian bridge in Atwater); Melani Smith of design firm Melendrez, which designed the complete streets plans for the MyFigueroa project; and Alan Pullman of Studio 111, which designed some of the popular parklets along Long Beach's Retro Row. [Curbed Inbox]