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Westwood's Mann Theater Replacement Now a Mixed-User

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Tonight, the city planning department's Westwood Community Design Review Board reviews plans for the long-delayed replacement of the former Mann National Theater at Gayley and Lindbrook in Westwood (rendering above). Chances are things will go well, as the project is earning fans in the neighborhood, according to Sheri Bonstelle, attorney for developer Ron Simms. Formerly designed as a one-story retail establishment, the new plans include 34 apartments above 5,000 square feet of retail and underground parking. The project recently received unanimous approval from both the Westwood Neighborhood Council and the Westwood Community Council. If everything goes well tonight, there will be another hearing in June and a hearing in August in front of the West LA Planning Commission. Bonstelle says Simms is eager to start work and will get moving as soon as entitlements are handed over.
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Mann National Theater

10925 Lindbrook Dr., Los Angeles, CA