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Hollywood's EaCa Pedestrian Alley Already Action-Packed

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The EaCa Alley has been open for a couple months now (on the north side of Selma, between Cahuenga and Cosmo) and it's pretty hopping for such a young pedestrian alley. (It was once just a locked up trash dump before the city took it on in 2008.) Just in the past few weeks, the alley's gotten some new landscaping work by Troy Silva of Urban Nature, and last weekend it debuted the Cahuenga Corridor Street Market for artists to sell their wares during the adjacent Hollywood Farmers' Market (the market will operate every Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm). Phase I of the alley has focused on the southern portion--St. Felix, Kitchen 24, and Velvet Margarita have set up outdoor dining areas already. The northern part of the alley is still in the works, but we're told that Outpost, Fuku Burger, and Ecco will all be using the space.

David Gajda, president of the East Cahuenga Corridor Alley Association, tells us that when all the work is done, they hope the alley will be "a year round garden showcase for plants, lighting, sculptures and outdoor furnishings." Right now, the EaCa Alley gates are open from 11:30 am to 2 am; eventually, they'll start opening at 9 am.

The EaCa Alley overhaul project will end up costing about $790,000, according to a press release from the opening, and is funded by the now-defunct Community Redevelopment Agency, the adjacent businesses (who are covering landscaping and lighting), and the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance (which is dealing with security and maintenance).
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East Cahuenga Pedestrian Alley

Cahuenga Blvd. & Selma Ave., Los Angeles, CA