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Marriott Signs Onto Sunset-Doheny Hotel, Ditches Moss Designs

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Is WeHo still agonizing over the Sunset-Doheny Hotel? It's been kicked around the approvals process since 2009! All right, what now? Well, first of all, Marriott has officially signed on to operate the hotel "as the West Coast flagship of its new 'Edition' brand of high-end, luxury-service hotels," according to WeHo Patch. And they're not crazy about the old Eric Owen Moss designs for the building--"Edition doesn’t seem inclined to use the Moss designs," but doesn't have any new ones yet, since it wants to make a few tweaks to the plans, originally approved in 2010 (11 stories, 148 hotel rooms, 20 condos, 18,000 square feet of retail). Last night, the planning commission signed off on a height increase of eight feet for a rooftop bar, a total of 190 hotel rooms, and "a 5,000 square-foot 'Crazy Box' nightclub adjacent to the subterranean parking garage."

The thing is that those changes trigger increased parking requirements--right now, the project is approved with 376 spaces, but now WeHo code dictates 488. Edition wants to keep the tally at 376; the commission decided to punt to the city council on that issue (they'll have to approve all the other changes anyway). A rep for Edition also said it'll come back with designs once the city council has signed off. They'll likely hear the matter in June.
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