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Bergamot Transit Village Taking a Pause, May Come Back With More Housing

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A planning commission review of the Bergamot Transit Village, originally scheduled for June, has been pushed until the beginning of 2013 (!) following complaints from neighborhood groups. According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, the group Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City is taking credit for delaying the hearing, but considering that the list of parties opposed to the project is pretty long, and it conspicuously includes the city of Los Angeles, it could have been anyone. The Santa Monica City Council, for its part, rejected a larger version of the project in March 2011, producing the current, slimmer version of the development. As proposed, the Bergamot Transit Village would deliver a mixed-use development totaling 766,094 square feet (down from one million square feet) to the current site of the Village Trailer Park, on a 1,500 foot long parcel adjacent to the Bergamot Art Station (which has its own development plans in the works, not to mention a street network plan).

Santa Monica Planning Director David Martin, however, tells the SMDP that changes might be on the way for the Bergamot Transit Village: "Planners have pushed for an alternative that would include more housing and less office space in the transit village, and the developer is considering it." The paper also points out that "The mix of office and housing will impact other aspects of the negotiations, including the amount of affordable housing required under code or mix of impacts to be addressed."
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Bergamot Transit Village

Olympic Blvd. & 26th St., Santa Monica, CA