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Hollywood Pedicab System Could Close H&H-Vine Street Gap

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Last month, the City Council started looking into creating a pedicab pilot program in Hollywood (the pedicabs of old went extinct years ago in response to harsh regulations), and now the LA Business Journal looks at (sub. req.) just how eager the neighborhood is for an easy linkup between Hollywood & Highland (and its Cirque du Soleil show Iris) and the restaurants and clubs on Vine. Right now, the plan is for a system that runs "on streets from Hollywood & Highland east on Hollywood Boulevard, turn south for one block on Vine, west on Selma Avenue, and then back up Highland Avenue or Orange Street." The system will work basically like the taxi program "in which fares are standardized and minimum standards set for every operator," according to LA's taxicab administrator.

Joseph Gharib, vice president of business development for parking lot operator CarPark, is leading the push and "has been pitching a plan to operate up to a dozen pedicabs" with fares of $5 to $10 (there's no guarantee he'll get a contract to operate the pilot; it could very well go to another bidder). He's also gone ahead and presented a pedicab plan to West Hollywood, with routes along the Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard--he hasn't heard back on that yet.

There are still some concerns about safety and pedicab operators having to weave in and out of crazy Hollywood traffic, but overall everyone's super excited--local businesses are on board, as well as at least one cab company, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and the Hollywood Business Improvement District. Richard Crenna vs. Steve McQueen in Hollywood in 1966 via Gualterio Pulvirenti
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