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Are Ellen and Portia Buying Kelly Wearstler's Old Hal Levitt?

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Now that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have offloaded their Beverly Hills compound onto Ryan Seacrest (reportedly for $37 million), where are the mid-century enthusiasts moving? Your Mama at Real Estalker is pretty sure it's into a very interesting property on Hillcrest Road in Trousdale Estates--the four-bedroom, six-bathroom house was designed by Hal Levitt and originally built in 1958 for Diane and Charles Skouras Jr., who sold to KOR Group developer Brad Korzen and manic pixie decorator Kelly Wearstler in 2002. Wearstler, of course, "gave the low-slung sprawler a do-over in her freaky-deaky signature style" and sold in 2006 to producers Bob Cort and Rosalie Swedlin for $9.9 million. Your Mama hears that those latest owners were shopping the house around for "from $20,000,000." Okee doke. The house also comes with a "commercial kitchen," a sunken living room, and a pool (the listing also notes that it was "Gorgeously updated by international renowned designer"). Word has it that DeGeneres "paid somewhere in the neighborhood" of $17 or $18 million.
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