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Newhall Ranch Megadevelopment Now Fully Approved

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The Santa Clarita Valley Signal reports that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a set of permits for Phase II of the massive Newhall Ranch development to be built up Santa Clarita way. Among the approved items in the hearing is the tract map for the Mission Village component of the project. Mission Village, Phase II of the total Newhall Ranch development, will be built on 1,860 acres and include 351 houses, 3,704 multi-family units, 1.55 million square feet of mixed use/commercial space, an elementary school, a library, a fire station, a bus transfer station, 693 acres of open space (including 26.8 acres for public parks, 14.7 acres for private recreational facilities, and 85.8 acres of preserves for an endangered plant). Phase I of the development, called Landmark Village, gained county approval in February. That portion of the development will include 422 lots on 295 acres and 119 lots for open space. The Mission Village component will grade 58 million cubic yards of dirt and remove 143 oak trees, including eight heritage oaks. An extension of Magic Mountain Parkway would result in the removal of an additional eleven oaks (including three heritage oaks).?

Although the supes' vote marks the final legislative step for the project, a March lawsuit against the county by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, Friends of the Santa Clara River, Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment, and the Wishtoyo is still pending. Marlee Lauffer, vice president of marketing and communication for Newhall Land Development Inc., told the SCVNews that she wouldn't be surprised if another lawsuit followed the most recent approval. The development has already seen its fair share of lawsuits, including a suit from January 2011 brought by environmental groups and Indian tribes.

Despite the litigious pale draped over the onward march of peripheral development, the company could start construction on the project within 18 to 24 months. The Mission Village component is not expected to be fully built out until 2021.
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