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Nabe Ok With Sherman Oaks Mixed-Use's 1,206 Parking Spots

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A "conflicted" Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council has voted to support an eight-story mixed-use apartment building at Sepulveda and Camarillo, the Daily News reports. The 399-unit building, called Il Villagio Toscano (that name!), is predictably contentious because of traffic concerns, but some worries may be warranted as this is near the intersection of the 405 and the 101 (the entrance to the latter freeway is literally across Sepulveda). Here's the real rub, though: developer M. David Paul says the project is transit-friendly as it's near various bus lines--though the closest it gets to rapid transit is the Orange Line, which is a mile and a half away--but they plan to build 1,206 parking spots. Seems like a lot, even with the retail. Anyway, the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association blasted the neighborhood council for giving it their stamp of approval, which is purely a suggestion (the council did tell M. David Paul to forget about billboards and supergraphics). The NC decision could influence Councilmember Tom LaBonge though--he stated the project appears large at first glance.
· Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Approves 399-unit Development [LADN]