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Hagy Belzberg Design Above the Sunset Strip Hits the Market

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Architect Hagy Belzberg has a knack for unusual glassy shapes set above the Sunset Strip, and oh look, here's one now! (Admittedly, it's less glassy than some of his other outings.) The house was originally built in 1956 but renovated in 2000 by Belzberg--it now has three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms with the master suite taking up the whole second floor and two bedroom suites opening out onto the pool. The listing asks that you note the "unprecedented volume and scale within, and an abundance of natural light," and the "weaving of the contemporary and traditional, the organic and edgy, the eastern influence and western classicism." Asking price is $3.595 million.
· 9243 CORDELL Dr [Redfin]
· 9243 Cordell Dr [The Agency]