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XTEN Arch's Pierced Concrete Proposal For South Park Hotel

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XTEN Architecture renderings via ArchDaily

Updated 5/16: ArchDaily has theoretical renderings (first spotted by the watchful kids at SkyscraperPage) of the new South Park hotel planned for the little lot next to the Luma tower on Hope St.--the property was originally slated to become a pocket park, but was bought up earlier this year by a group of local aspiring hoteliers. LA-based XTEN Architecture will not design the hotel (as previously written), but they were one of several firms to submit designs. The lot currently has a rundown 1909 building on it, most recently operating as a drug den, and the new owners said in February that they hoped to keep the exterior brick walls in place.

According to AD, the XTEN's "rough concrete" building would be broken up with double height slots to "multiply the hotel's facades and provide natural light, fresh air, views to the city, terraces, and areas for plantings and art installations." The lobby would be "an abstract, multi-use gallery and performance space resting on a floor clad in bricks salvaged from the parcel's existing building." The hotel would also have two underground bars that "can be accessed secretly from an alley loading dock or through an elevator service room" (those oughta be a hit Downtown), a restaurant "that slices through the middle of the building," and a roof deck with infinity pool. The building would use a lot of reclaimed materials, and have details "rendered in rich woods, blackened steel and polished glass."
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