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Beverly Hills Scales Back Already Sort-of-Weak Bike Plans

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Beverly Hills is in the process of revamping its bike plan, and surprise, surprise, it falls well short of work being done in basically every other city on the Westside. Since November, the city (which is in a nasty battle with Metro, throwing roadblocks in front of the Purple Line subway) has been exploring a Bike Route Pilot Program as part of a Bike Plan Update--most recently the city's Traffic and Parking Commission made a recommendation for three new bike routes through the city, down from the five recommended to the Commission when the process began. In a strongly polemic post, Better Bikes reports that the commission recommended three routes--along Burton Way, Crescent Drive, and Carmelita Ave.--but left off proposed routes on Beverly Drive and Charleville Blvd. The number of bike facilities recommended isn't the only problem advocates have found. The Ad Hoc Bike Plan Committee exploring the new plan established strict limitations on its own powers, establishing that bike infrastructure improvements will effect "no change to traffic flow or parking." That means no road diets, traffic calming, or protected bike lanes--all the darlings of the complete streets approach. (That limitation explains the use of the term bike "routes" to describe the infrastructure being studied--the proposed routes fall short of the Class II bike "lane" designation that most bikers prefer.) (To be fair, LA's own massive bike plan has had its share of critics.) The next step for the Beverly Hills Bike Plan is a date before the Beverly Hills City Council in June, where the council is under no obligation to follow the recommendations of the commission.
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