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Tiny Plastic Rental is At Least Close to Silver Lake Reservoir

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Sifting through Craigslist's vast virtual grab-bag is usually a pretty mirthless task, but yesterday, we came across an ad that actually made us chuckle. Headlined "Charming Bungalow in Prime Silver Lake Hills, $800," the post goes on to describe said bungalow thusly:

CRAFTSMAN STYLE THATCHED ROOF BUNGALOW FROM THE EARLY 90s This 12 sq ft open air dream is a perfectly cozy spot for any aspiring artist.
Situated under a gorgeous citrus tree.
Ideal for single but could accommodate a couple for up to 5 minutes if both crouch.
Utilities included, no running water, no heat, no A/C.
Previous owner loved but outgrew the place.
Original wood-like door.
Pets allowed but (full disclosure) a skunk lives 10ft from the front door in a skunk hole.
Walking distance to local shops, silver lake reservoir and many real houses.

Brand is real Playschool (not a replica).
Only serious inquiries please. No scams.

Naturally, some spoilsport had to flag it for removal -- perhaps because the Silver Lake rental market is so competitive, people might take it seriously -- and it's no longer up on the site. However, we managed to snap a screenshot before it was yoinked.

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