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Proposed New Series Makes Unlikely LA Arch Mashups

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DOWNTOWN: LA, I'm Yours has dug up this great spec video for Brave New World, a series that creates unlikely juxtapositions in LA architecture, made by USC lecturer Mina Chow. The first episode looks at the Caltrans District 7 building, built in 2004 and designed by Morphosis, and the Bradbury Building, built in 1893 and designed by George H. Wyman--it's a really great intro to both essential DTLA buildings. In the comments to the LAIY post, Chow writes "we're hoping to turn it into a broadcast series for PBS So-CAL. I'm hustling up underwriters.... Stay tuned. The next episode is on 'The Divine vs. the Deviant' or 'Sacred vs. Sin' between the California Mission and the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral." Man are we looking forward to that. [LAIY]