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Building Hills, Unearthing Relics at SaMo Civic Center Parks

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The Santa Monica Civic Center Parks are moving along right on schedule, although not without a few little surprises. Work has been underway at the six-acre site of Santa Monica Commons since late last summer; the SMC and a one-acre park in front of city hall (called Ken Genser Square) were both designed by James Corner and Field Operations, who designed Manhattan's much-beloved High Line. The SM Civic Center Parks website now has a construction webcam up and running and a few updates on the work: "To build Observation Hill along the west edge of the future park, a 10 ft over excavation was dug and structural beam installled to support the future Hill." And a buried treasure: "W.E. O'Neil crews encounted a reinforced concrete caisson from the basement level of the former RAND building. It was dug out and removed without impact to the schedule."
· Field Operations' Santa Monica Parks Gain Artist, Lose Names [Curbed LA]

Ken Genser Square

Main St. & Olympic Dr., Santa Monica, CA