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Jen Aniston Renting Madeover Hal Levitt in Trousdale Estates

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After the briefest flirtation with New York, Jennifer Aniston is back in town and seems to have a hankering for high-priced, pedigreed, can't-sell mid-century houses. In January, she purchased a Bel Air house designed by A. Quincy Jones that had been sitting on the market since 2008 (she paid $20.97 million). Apparently, she's doing a little remodeling work on that house--we'll have to hold our breaths on what that might be about--and meanwhile renting a thoroughly-renovated Hal Levitt design that first hit the market last summer listed at $14.9 million (it's since been repeatedly pricechopped). Trulia reports she (and boyfriend Justin Theroux) are paying $40,000 per month for the five-bedroom, six and a half-bathroom house. Aniston previously lived in and renovated a Hal Levitt nearby; she sold that house last year for $35 million.
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